What People Have to Say About Buying Dad...

The story is as addictive as a good soap.
               Publishers Weekly

Describing with wry humor a lesbian's search for a potential sperm donor, Aizley's memoir makes a literate addition to the growing shelf of books altering the traditional definition of family.
               Kirkus Reviews

[Aizley] leaves the reader laughing out loud. Her humorous take on life allows the reader to become the author's friend and to relate to her much as an "Everywoman" sharing the universal worries and experiences of impending parenthood.  A thoroughly captivating read about the foibles of a 21st-century family.
               Library Journal (Starred Review)

A gem.  A book whose time has come.
               Boston Magazine

Funny, poignant, engrossing.  Buying Dad is for anyone who has ever considered, or even feared, having children.
               The Boston Herald

Aizley's clever and moving narrative captures the precarious and universal dance that goes on between all couples as they make their way toward becoming a family. And she leaves us laughing.
               The San Francisco Chronicle

Aizley is that wondrous type of humor writer who dares to be vulnerable and open without losing her timing.  Like Annie Lamott's nonfiction, Aizley's comic tale is woven from the heavy threads of life and death, of love and discrimination, and of the ethical dilemmas raised by new technologiesâ€∫ which she makes hilarious in the retelling. 
               The Women's Review of Books

Harlyn Aizley's wonderful memoir, Buying Dad: One Woman's Search for the Perfect Sperm Donor, proves once again that there is nothing as endearing as someone who refuses to take herself too seriously. With equal measures of wit and grace, Aizley manages to give an account of her journey to motherhood that feels exactly like a long, slightly goofy conversation with an old and beloved friend. This is a book that you will feel like passing along to everyone you know.
               Black Oak Books, Berkeley, CA
Beyond the process of making a baby, Buying Dad is about the meaning of family in all of its permutations.  Aizley is the pregnant "Everywoman."  Her gayness, while a seamless part of the story, is not the most remarkable aspect of her conception experience.  The story of the lives that interweave around Aizley's make Buying Dad a compelling read for moms, dads, daughters, and sons, whatever their sexual orientation.
               Gay City News

Buying Dad is an entertaining road map of the passage to parenthood.  Whether you're planning a similar trip, reminiscing about a past adventure, or just rubbernecking, this will no doubt be a gratifying read.
               Bitch Magazine

Wonderful book.  Aizley's candid, introspective, often hilarious memoir of her year yearning for a pregnancy is about finding motherhood.  [But] this is a book about death as much as about life.  Aizley, with a poet's ear for love and emotion, writes movingly of her mother’s defiant measured and finally futile fight with cancer. Before she dies, mother does hold her granddaughter in her arms, a quiet miracle in a story brimming with joyous noise.
               Book Marks, PSBottomline

A side-splitting sperm-shopping adventure you'll never forget!
               Food For Thought Books

Not only is this a dead-on, gut-funny  portrait of  the gay quest for mommy-hood , it's a marvelous study of  our universal yearning to create a perfect life with our imperfect selves.  Harlyn Aizley writes with the  heart, intelligence and wit of Anne Lamott.  Read it and laugh and weep.
               Jane Anderson, Director, If These Walls Could Talk2

Harlyn Aizley is my favorite kind of writer--smart, witty, articulate, and very, very  funny.  Buying Dad shines with wisdom, insight, and healthy doses of self-deprecation and irony.
               Stephen McCauley, Author, The Object of My Affection

Buying Dad is a funny reflection of the times. Aizley finds honesty and humor in some of life's most dramatic, unpredictable and unusual moments. It's comforting that it's not only straight women that have to deal with, "slim pickin's at the sperm orchard." Aizley just does it with a wink and a lot of faith.
               Cheryl Hines, Comedian, Curb Your Enthusiasm

Buying Dad is not your run of the mill "it-happened-to-me" medical saga, nor is it a women's studies section specialty book.  It is nothing short of a discovery of a new American comedic essayist on the level of David Sedaris.  Harlyn Aizley's voice is incredibly original, daring and hilariously, scathingly self-aware.  Her journey as a mother, daughter and partner is unforgettable.  Is it a cliche to say I laughed and I cried? I don't care, I honestly did both while devouring this book.
               Jill Soloway, Supervising Producer, Six Feet Under








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